Carpet Weaving Project

Project Info

As a social enterprise, Afghan Action is helping develop Afghanistan by training a new generation of weavers. At our Training & Business Incubation Centre in Karte Se, Kabul, we aim to give young Afghans a more secure future by teaching them an income-generating skill and business skills and ultimately providing them with orders for carpets.

Our Afghan wool rugs are hand made on traditional looms woven using the wool of Ghazni sheep and using natural dyes bolstered by more modern dying techniques for contemporary, bolder colours. The rugs and carpets we produce include traditional and modern designs and styles ranging in size from small carpets of less than 1 square metre, to very large carpets up to 12 square metres; lounge, fireside and bedroom rugs, runners for halls and table-tops and even wall-hung rugs all look beautiful in both traditional and modern interiors.

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