Dunstable Club assists Afghan Action to train carpet weavers

The Rotary Club of Dunstable has recently been involved with a project called Afghan Action, which was started in 2005 as a charity, with registered offices in Woburn Sands. Afghan Action was set up to develop good jobs, sustainable businesses and fair markets. Since its inception over 800 young people, from the poorest backgrounds, have been trained, educated and employed in various occupations. The main focus has been on training young people to weave carpets, but since 2011 has also started making clothes and uniforms. These products can be bought in the UK through a fast growing network of partners. A Training and Business Incubation Centre has been established in Kabul to promote self-help facilities to develop entrepreneurial skills as well as basic education, healthcare, basic IT skills and to provide a midday meal! The Rotary Club of Dunstable was first made aware of this project through John Little of the Rotary Club of Flitwick Vale. 17 Rotary clubs have already been involved. In return for a donation from our club of £450, a rug was woven, by way of a thank you, highlighting the skills of the weaver. The picture shows the rug being held by President Roger Sharp ably assisted by John Bryant.