Our links with organisations in the UK


Kar.af is a new initiative in the employment market with much ease of access to the data and jobseekers source. Kar.af presents a complete range of recruitment and career planning solutions by offering a fast and easy method for jobseekers to find jobs for free and for employers to find the qualified candidates.


Professions are continuously changing in order to provide people with the best and safest standard of patient care. This is something we should always be striving to achieve. By using Tibbee, you can connect, share and engage with your fellow peers and professionals from varying backgrounds and countries, to try and keep delivering a gold standard of care.

Afghan Voice

Afghan Voice is a newly formed charity (1147804). It is taking forward the work Afghan Action has done with Afghan diaspora groups in the UK and Afghan Action’s Building Bridges programme. Afghan Voice builds trust, confidence between Afghan and non-Afghan communities and it will lead to a healthier lifestyle for all. Also, its work will create an environment where the people from the Afghan community and other communities come together, offer cultural traditions to each other, strengthen mutual friendship and develop mutual cooperation.

Oriental Rugs of Bath

Afghan Action is working in partnership with Oriental Rugs of Bath, selling the best quality of Afghan rugs and other associated products. ORB has had a shop in Argyle Street, right next to the historic Pulteney Bridge in Bath, since 1992, selling only the best quality rugs and associated products.

The Supreme Foundation

The Supreme Foundation works in Afghanistan with Afghan Action, providing midday meals for people at out Training and Business Incubation Centre in Kabul. It also assists with IT, site maintenance and refurbishment and advice and expertise.


G4S works in Afghanistan with Afghan Action and has assisted sponsoring trainees, supporting sales of Afghan products and providing advice and expertise. It has hosted sales of Afghan Action’s carpets and its staff have raised money for the work.

Queen Anne School

Queen Anne School, Caversham has worked with Afghan Action for 4 years, providing opportunities for its pupils to learn about Afghanistan and also to raise funds for the Afghan Action. It commissioned a carpet designed by pupils and is becoming more involved in Afghan Action’s work.

Sacred Heart High School

Sacred Heart High School, Hammersmith has led British Council Connecting Classrooms programme from 2009 - 12, linking with Kabul schools, and in 2011 and 2012 has run an Afghanistan Week for Year 7s each July. In 2010 it featured in a BBC Persian programme with Year 7s in conversation with Afghan Action’s trainees over skype. The programme was broadcast in Iran and Afghanistan.

Oxus Technologies

OXUS Technologies provides high quality and cost effective web design and development solutions for your business needs. We have provided professional web design and web development systems to several companies across the world.


The Linda Norgrove Foundation was established in October 2010 in memory of Linda Norgrove, who was devoted to ensuring that the people of Afghanistan would achieve prosperity and stability as their country was rebuilt. Her parents, John and Lorna Norgrove, set up the Foundation to continue her work. Linda was completely committed to her development work and she loved Afghanistan and its people. The Foundation’s primary goal is to help women and children in Afghanistan.


Afghanistan's number one classifieds site

National Lottery

The National Lottery is the state-franchised national lottery in the United Kingdom.

Department for International Development

The Department for International Development (DFID) leads the UK's work to end extreme poverty, building a safer, healthier, more prosperous world for all of us which is firmly in the UK's national interest.