Our Team

Board of Trustee, United Kingdom

Shukrullah Ludin

Chair, London, United Kingdom

Victoria Buyer

Victoria has proven commercial and operational success.
Chief Executive Officer, United Kingdom

Zainab Homam

Zainab Homam BSc /PgCert/ CIPD Zainab Homam started working as an advocate with Afgahn Action...
Senior Manager, Afghanistan

Samim Faizy

Samim Faizy is the Senior manager at Afghan Action. He started working with Afghan Action back in...
Software Engineer, United Kingdom

Yama Mujadidi

Experienced Software Engineer with extensive knowledge and skill of Project Managemen
Board of Trustee, United Kingdom

Chris Beales

Chris Beales set up Afghan Action in 2005 and has been its Chief Executive until summer 2014.
Board of Trustee, United Kingdom

Erol Soyer

Board of Trustee, United Kingdom

Daniel Milford

Daniel Milford is a UK Paramedic who has an interest in remote and offshore medicine.
Board of Trustee, United Kingdom

Sarajuddin Isar

Sarajuddin Isar is a Political Economy Researcher with extensive experience in banking, finance and...

Kaye Homam

Kaye Homam has recently joined the Afghan Action team as a trustee member.